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Union Eau Claire FC is a soccer club created in August 2021 and located in Eau Claire, WI. The growth of soccer and the desire of people for new challenges lead us to create this team. While looking for a name, our objective was to find one that pertains to the beautiful city of Eau Claire we are living in.


Historically, Eau Claire was born from the Union of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers. Therefore, the name Union works best for us since it fits our original idea to bring people with different background and culture in our community together. Furthermore, it is also well documented that the French were the first explorers of our city Eau Claire (meaning clear

water), so we were looking for a French name that touches this part of the history of our city. The name Union is also a French name meaning togetherness. Therefore it was a no-brainer to choose that name.

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